13. Taiwan, Master Wu, and the Dragon’s Garland

The Seven Siddhas guided me to Tainan, Taiwan to activate the 12 pearls of the Dragon’s Garland in 12 places of power in Tainan, which would connect to the 12 pearls I had already activated in Xian’s places of power. This harmonious spiritual connection between the two cities is intended to bring peace between China and Taiwan, to elevate the enlightenment energy of these two countries, and open the Asia Circle of Power. This circle of power, foretold by the Seven, would be the key to bringing peace to Ukraine and Gaza and fostering world harmony, equality, and enlightenment.

The Seven Siddhas said that Siyana would be very helpful in this work and that this was the supreme dharma for her. They noted that because she was born in Tainan, she had the good karma to find the guides and allies needed for our mission.

Siyana and I arrived in Tainan, Taiwan on 6/7/2024. The Seven gave me a briefing on my first morning in Tainan. Here’s what they let me know:

In the past week, China has escalated its military activities around Taiwan with significant joint exercises conducted by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). These drills, termed “Joint Sword-2024A,” involved multiple branches of the military, including the army, navy, air force, and rocket force. The exercises took place in various regions surrounding Taiwan, including the Taiwan Strait and areas near the outlying Kinmen and Matsu islands. China clearly demonstrated its ability to dominate the entire theater with a force and speed that the Taiwan military and the US, Taiwan’s primary ally, were ill-prepared for.

The drills, which began on Thursday and lasted two days, focused on joint maritime and air combat readiness, the seizure of comprehensive battlefield control, and precision attacks on key targets. They were described as a strong punishment for pro-independence forces in Taiwan and a serious warning against interference by external powers.

In response, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) condemned the exercises, emphasizing the readiness of Taiwan’s armed forces to defend the island. Taiwan scrambled jets and put its missile, naval, and land units on alert, demonstrating its commitment to national security despite the provocations.

These exercises followed closely after the inauguration of Taiwan’s new president, William Lai Ching-te, whose pro-independence stance has been met with increased military and diplomatic pressure from Beijing. The PLA’s actions were explicitly tied to Lai’s inauguration speech, in which he called for China to cease its threats and work towards peace.

Overall, the situation remains tense, with both sides maintaining firm positions and the international community closely monitoring developments in the Taiwan Strait.

The Seven Siddhas said it was of great importance for us to do our work. They said that with things going as they are (the current karmas), that a military attempt by China to takeover Taiwan was imminent. They said that we would be safe because China was planning to wait at least 1 more year to make their move for these reasons:

  1. China recognizes that Taiwan’s allies (the USA and Western forces) are deeply engaged in (although mostly non-militarily) the Ukraine and Gaza wars. They recognize that the longer the US and the West are involved in the Ukraine and Gaza wars, the greater the drain of US treasure, military focus, and political will to act to defend Taiwan from a dominant Chinese force. China recognizes that with these unprecedented conditions that entangle the West, they have a window of opportunity to move on Taiwan that may not come again for many years.
  2. China will wait to see the outcome of the US presidential elections. China is hoping Trump will become president because while Biden would take executive defensive action to defend Taiwan, Trump, often speaking about the drain of national treasure of war and his unwillingness to support allies, would be unlikely to do so.
  3. While the Chinese navy is much larger than the US navy, there are key Chinese Air Force initiatives China wants to complete to defend against US air dominance. 

Activating the Pearls of the Dragon’s Garland in Tainan

Our first day started with a family lunch where I met Siyana’s mother and father. I immediately liked them very much. Siyana’s father spoke near-perfect English and was relaxed and friendly, with a good sense of humor. Siyana told him about our dharmic work there. Even though he was a retired engineer without firsthand spiritual experience, he was positive and supportive of our mission. Siyana’s mom was friendly and welcoming. She spoke good English and seemed genuinely excited about our work. I could tell that she was a psychic intuitive. She explained a couple of powerful experiences she had with spirits and divinities at local temples. She offered to show us some temples she believed could be suitable candidates for the dragon pearls. We agreed to go with her to visit the temples she thought would be the right ones for us.

Before we set out, I shared with Siyana’s mother the descriptions provided by the Seven Siddhas of where we should activate the pearls. Her insight proved invaluable, for example when there were multiple potential locations for the Taoist Sea Goddess. The Seven explicitly said it should be a temple by the sea, but all of the Mazu (Sea Goddess) temples were away from the water. She explained that in the 1600s, when these temples were built, the seashore was much closer to the city center and guided us to the correct Mazu temple. This guidance ensured a successful start to our mission.

Our first stop was the Wind God Temple (Fung Shun Miao), a historical site where wealthy merchants, powerful political figures, and spiritual masters once disembarked from their boats to enter the city. The temple’s location marks where the water used to reach closer to the city center in the 1600s. This site exuded a powerful ambiance, linking the past pathways of power to the present. Here Siyana and I activated the Cloud Pearl. 

Activating the Cloud Pearl at this location aligned with the temple’s historical power and significance, bridging the ancient power dynamics of the place with the present spiritual and political conditions. The Cloud Pearl, representing transformation from a limited state to enlightenment and offering enlightened perspectives for conflicts, is particularly apt for this site. It helps in promoting the flow of new ways for resolution and greater empowerment, linking the historical energetic significance of the Wind God Temple with contemporary spiritual and political harmony.

The Wind God, who governs the movements of the wind, symbolizes the ability to adapt, change, and navigate through challenges. By placing the Cloud Pearl at the Wind God Temple, we harness the Wind God’s power to facilitate the transformation and flow of enlightened energies. This activation brings a dynamic and adaptive energy that enhances the connection between historical power and modern enlightenment, creating a powerful conduit for peace and harmony.

Next, we followed Siyana’s mother on a short walk through narrow streets to the Medicine King Temple (Yao Wong Miao), located across from a 300-year-old banyan tree known for its healing properties. The banyan tree, referred to as the tree lord, is believed to possess a beneficial spirit that aids in healing. The temple itself faces east, symbolizing the early rise of the Medicine King who tested various herbs on himself to understand their benefits for others. The energy here was soothing. Here we placed and activated the Sun Pearl, which was powerful for casting out illnesses just as the sun casts out shadows.

Activating the Sun Pearl at this location enhanced the Temple’s natural healing energy, aligning perfectly with the temple’s purpose. The Sun Pearl, representing the dispelling of darkness and the illumination of truth, brings life and spiritual harmony. It casts light on solutions to conflicts, nurtures growth, and exposes the true nature of challenges, just as the rising sun reveals the world at dawn.

The Medicine King, known for his selfless dedication to discovering and applying medicinal knowledge for the benefit of others, embodies the Sun Pearl’s attributes of clarity, healing, and enlightenment. By placing the Sun Pearl at the Medicine King Temple, the transformative energy of the sun synergizes with the healing vibrations of the temple. This activation not only enhances the temple’s ability to foster physical and spiritual healing but also spreads the Medicine King’s enlightened approach to wellness and compassion throughout the surrounding area.

The Sun Pearl at the Medicine King Temple creates a powerful nexus of healing energy, illuminating paths to peace and well-being, and reinforcing the temple’s historical and spiritual role as a beacon of health and enlightenment.

Next, our journey continued to the Mazu Temple (Kai-gi Tien Ho Gong), the Taoist Sea Goddess temple that once stood by the sea but now resides in the center of the city. This temple felt deeply sacred, amplified by the presence of an ascended Taoist Master that I could sense. A particularly striking feature of this temple was a special Kuan Yin statue in the back room behind the main altar. This statue seemed to lean forward as if listening intently, embodying the compassionate nature of Kuan Yin, who cares deeply about hearing about and alleviating people’s problems.

At this temple, we activated the Gold Pearl. The Gold Pearl offers the power to spread enlightened teachings, revitalizing ancient wisdom and spiritual practices. Placing the Gold Pearl at the Mazu Temple enhances the temple’s role as a beacon of compassion and spiritual guidance. The compassionate form of Mazu, as represented by Kuan Yin, aligns perfectly with the Gold Pearl’s attributes of wisdom and enlightenment.

Activating the Gold Pearl at the Mazu Temple elevated Mazu’s essence as the Taoist Sea Goddess and her compassionate form as Kuan Yin. Mazu, known for her protective and nurturing qualities, embodies the very spirit of benevolence and aid to those in need, much like Kuan Yin, who listens intently to the suffering of people to offer her divine assistance. By placing the Gold Pearl in this temple, we enhance Mazu’s compassionate energy, reinforcing the temple’s role as a sanctuary of wisdom and spiritual guidance. This activation not only magnified the temple’s sacred atmosphere but also strengthened the flow of enlightened teachings and compassionate practices, embodying Mazu’s dedication to guiding and protecting her followers, thus fostering a deeper sense of peace and enlightenment within the community.

By activating the Gold Pearl here, the temple’s already profound spiritual energy was further enriched. The presence of the Gold Pearl amplifies the temple’s ability to guide and support spiritual seekers, offering them wisdom and compassionate understanding.

Next, Siyana’s mother took us to the temple of one of my favorite Chinese gods. Just a few minutes walk from the Mazu Temple, we visited the Warrior God Temple (Guan Gung), a sacred site dedicated to Guan Gung, the revered Chinese deity symbolizing valor, loyalty, and righteousness. This temple is significant for its robust energy, which embodies the warrior spirit, providing spiritual strength and protection to those who seek it. The temple serves as a beacon for individuals seeking guidance in matters of justice, martial prowess, and moral integrity.

We placed the Red Pearl within this temple, an act that significantly enhanced its already potent energy. The Red Pearl, symbolizing dharma power, spiritual empowerment, and physical resilience, brought an intensified grounding energy to the temple. It supports the establishment of enduring peace and equitable structures, aligning seamlessly with the principles of strength and protection embodied by Guan Gung.

The combined presence of the Red Pearl and Guan Gung amplifies the temple’s ability to empower and protect its devotees. The Red Pearl’s attributes of dharma power and resilience resonate deeply with Guan Gung’s spirit, fostering a powerful environment for spiritual and physical fortification. This synergy ensures that the temple continues to serve as a vital point for upholding justice and moral strength within the nation.

To create a direct connection with the power of this place, Siyana performed a blessing on my mala beads, embedding them with the temple’s martial arts and defensive energies. This blessing ensures that I carry the robust protective and empowering energies of the Warrior God and the Red Pearl with me, fortifying my spiritual and physical endeavors.

After passing by a couple of temples that weren’t the right ones for the Dragon’s Garland pearl, Siyana’s mother took us to the last location for pearl activation of the day, the Beiji Temple, where we placed the and activated the Fire Pearl.

Beiji Temple Miao, also known as the North Pole Temple, is dedicated to Xuanwu, the Dark Lord and a revered Taoist god. This temple is a significant site, embodying the deep spiritual traditions of Taoism and serving as a place of worship and contemplation. The temple’s architecture is grand and imposing, with intricate designs and symbols that honor Xuanwu’s powerful and mysterious presence. Inside, the atmosphere is imbued with a sense of reverence and spiritual gravity, reflecting Xuanwu’s role as a guardian and protector.

When placing the Fire Pearl at Beiji Temple Miao, the act was imbued with a profound sense of compassion and purpose. The Fire Pearl, known for its powerful purification properties, brought a transformative energy to the temple. As the pearl was positioned within the sacred space, it radiated an intense purifying flame that worked to cleanse the temple of any negative or stagnant energies. This purification process enhanced the spiritual atmosphere, making it more conducive to deep meditation and connection with higher realms.

The presence of the Fire Pearl also intensified the protective qualities of Xuanwu. Known as a god who guards against evil and misfortune, Xuanwu’s influence was further strengthened by the purifying flames of the Fire Pearl. This synergy between the pearl and the deity created a fortified sanctuary where devotees could find solace and protection from spiritual and physical harm.

Placing the Fire Pearl at Beiji Temple Miao played a pivotal role in stabilizing the dragon meridian. This meridian, having dynamic and potent enlightened energy, connects key spiritual sites across the region, including Beiji Temple Miao in Taiwan and the ancient city of Xi’an in China.

In Xi’an, Ahjan, Kenjin, Siyana and the team placed a corresponding Fire Pearl at the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, a historic site renowned for its deep spiritual significance and its role as a repository of ancient Buddhist texts. This pagoda, standing as a symbol of cultural and spiritual exchange, became the northern anchor of the dragon meridian’s fiery energy.

The placement of the Fire Pearl at Beiji Temple Miao connected directly to the one in Xi’an, creating a powerful energetic link between the two sites. This connection helped to stabilize the dragon meridian by harmonizing the intense and transformative energy of the Fire Pearls. The purification energy from both pearls flowed along the meridian, cleansing and balancing the energy lines. This harmonization mitigated any disruptive influences and ensured a steady flow of positive energy between Taiwan and China.

This stabilization brought greater peace and harmony to both Taiwan and China by addressing underlying spiritual imbalances and tensions. The purifying energy of the Fire Pearls worked to dissolve negative influences and promote a sense of unity and cooperation. By strengthening the dragon meridian, the energies of compassion and protection emanating from Beiji Temple Miao and the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda created an energetic environment conducive to peace.

The connection between the Fire Pearls at Beiji Temple Miao and the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and the resulting stabilization of the dragon meridian in Taiwan and connection to the Dragon’s Back of China, play a crucial role in bringing greater peace and harmony to Taiwan and China. This alignment of powerful spiritual energies fosters a sense of unity, healing, and mutual respect, contributing to a more peaceful and harmonious relationship between the two regions.

This was a very powerful day for me! Visiting these temples and placing the pearls in Tainan was a profoundly enlightening experience. With each pearl activated, I felt a deeper integration into the spiritual energy of the city. I came to see Tainan as a deeply spiritual place, where the energy of the city is intricately connected to the Taoist teachings of an ascended Taoist master who frequents many of the city’s temples. The unique and deep spiritual energy of the Taoist temples made Tainan unlike any other place I had been. The people here have a profound connection to their spiritual heritage, living in harmony with the teachings and energies that permeate their daily lives. 

This experience has sparked a deep interest in me to learn more about Tainan’s spiritual dimensions and the Taoist traditions that continue to shape the lives of its inhabitants. These experiences, enriched by the history and spiritual significance of each site, laid the foundation for our mission to harmonize and elevate the dragon energies between Taiwan and China.

Master Wu

Before meeting Master Wu, I learned that Siyana’s mother was part of a coalition aiming to stop the government from removing an old cemetery at the foot of the hills to make way for new business construction. This coalition included Master Wu, who emphasized the spiritual implications of disturbing the cemetery. While Siyana’s mother may have joined because she felt it was simply wrong to disturb a resting place, Master Wu highlighted a deeper concern: the potential disruption to the Dragon’s Meridian, an enlightened energy that flows through the mountains of Taiwan.

Recognizing his openness to spiritual matters, Siyana’s mother shared with him my work with the Dragon’s Garland of Pearls. Intrigued and excited by the potential synergy between our efforts, Master Wu expressed a strong desire to meet me. This connection set the stage for a profoundly insightful encounter with a man deeply attuned to the spiritual energies of Taiwan.

The next day, we met Wu Ming Shien, or Master Wu, in my hotel lobby. I was immediately struck by his presence; he radiated a calm, profound wisdom that suggested a deep understanding of spiritual matters. Master Wu is the son of a well-known Feng Shui master, a practitioner of the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing individuals with their indoor environment. However, Master Wu found himself naturally drawn to a broader awareness of the land’s spiritual energies. Master Wu is a master of the “Dragon Meridian Dharma” and places of power. Over time, through numerous intuitions and spiritual downloads, his understanding and awareness of the dragon’s meridian grew significantly. He’s what I call a mystic, a man of knowledge, well-versed in the enlightened dragon energies of Taiwan. 

As we began our conversation, I shared my story with him. I explained that I had once been a Buddhist teacher who had fallen seriously ill with cancer. My life took a dramatic turn when I was healed by Miki, a practitioner who knew about UFOs, aliens, and ascended masters. This experience opened my awareness to new spiritual dimensions and possibilities. I told him that through my work with ascended masters and the Dragon’s Garland of Pearls, I now strive to bring peace and enlightenment to the world by connecting places of power.

Upon hearing my story, Master Wu remarked that my healing was nothing short of miraculous and signaled a significant transition to a more modern form of spirituality with a more open view for greater awareness. He explained that the traditional ways of spirituality are an old description of spirit. And that one must keep evolving, now encompassing elements such as UFOs, aliens, angels, and dragons. He noted that while these might seem different, they are essentially interconnected aspects of the same spiritual reality. This was consistent with what I had learned from the Seven. I was so happy that we had found the right master who understood the greater spiritual vision I now worked from.

Master Wu emphasized that the old ways of spirituality are closed, and a new era has dawned where these diverse spiritual elements come together. His deep knowledge of the dragon’s energy and his ability to articulate these complex concepts with clarity left a lasting impression on me. I admired his profound insight, his dedication to maintaining the balance of these powerful energies, and his humility in wielding such great spiritual power.

I asked Master Wu about what he thought about the government’s plans with the cemetery he and Siyana’s mother are working to stop. Master Wu explained that the government’s plans to strip the tombs and construct new buildings, would severely disrupt this energy center. I made a joke about that being a good setting for a haunted house movie. Master Wu said such actions could unbalance the local energy lines, leading to negative repercussions not just for the immediate vicinity but for the entire region. Additionally, the plans to move the railroad underground in the same area posed another threat to the delicate energy balance.

Master Wu went on to discuss the subtleties of the dragon’s energy. Just like master Feng, Master Wu described it as powerful, ancient enlightened energy that ran along the Mountain ranges of Taiwan and China. Master Wu called it the Dragon’s Meridian. This energy line runs through the central mountain range of Taiwan and is intimately connected to China’s Dragon’s Back (the mountain range where Master Feng lived). He pointed out that most people struggle to grasp these subtleties, but our shared understanding allowed us to connect on a deeper level.

Master Wu elaborated that the knowledge he possesses is immensely powerful and not easily understood by most people. He spoke of the dragon’s meridian as an enlightened force, a life force that maintains the balance and harmony of the land.

I shared with Master Wu about my awareness of the Dragon’s Garland and my work in Tainan. He listened intently, nodding with understanding and empathy. He then told me that he could sense we shared the same vibration and awareness, a deep spiritual resonance that connected us. I was intrigued by his insight.

He expressed confidence in our ability to work together, noting that we, like “celestial engineers”, had the capacity to create balance in the energy lines. He believed that our shared understanding and sensitivity to these energies would allow us to collaborate effectively, bringing stability and enlightenment to the regions connected by these powerful dragon energy lines. Master Wu’s profound humility, despite his vast knowledge and spiritual power, was both inspiring and reassuring, solidifying my respect and admiration for him.

Master Wu explained that the ongoing conflict between China and Taiwan was deeply rooted in the negative and confused thoughts of people living along the energy lines connecting the two regions. He described how these troubled and unbalanced energies contributed to the discord and tension, disrupting the natural harmony that should flow through the dragon’s meridian. According to him, these disturbances in the energy lines manifested as political and social conflicts.

He emphasized the urgent need to stabilize the energy line in Tainan. By doing so, he believed it would be possible to elevate the dragon energy, allowing it to spread globally and bring about a more harmonious and peaceful world. He conveyed a vision where the balanced and powerful energy from Tainan could positively influence the collective consciousness, replacing negative thoughts and confusion with clarity and positive intentions.

In response, I shared my belief that to stabilize the energy lines between China and Taiwan, there must be a direct connection between their respective dragon energy lines. By creating this connection, we could harmonize the energies, fostering an environment where positive energy could flourish, thus transforming people’s negative thinking and confusion into enlightenment and peace.

Master Wu agreed wholeheartedly with this perspective. He assured me that he possessed the knowledge of where these critical energy lines were located and that, together, we had the capability to forge this vital connection. His confidence and deep understanding of the dragon’s meridian reassured me that we were on the right path to achieving our spiritual mission.

I told Master Wu about a vivid dream I had the previous night. In the dream, I was with my water dragon, swimming around Taiwan and examining the energetic lines that connected to the Dragon’s Back in Xian. Then, we flew to Tainan where I saw Siyana in the city center with the blue dragon of Mt. Kurama. The blue dragon was guiding her, telling her where to go in the morning, and then taking her on its back to various places. I found myself unable to keep up with them. This dream felt incredibly real, and I was certain Siyana had experienced the same dream, even though she didn’t remember it upon waking.

I shared my belief with Master Wu that the dragon had a message for Siyana, likely orchestrated by him. Master Wu confirmed this intuition and suggested that he would take us to several important points along the dragon’s meridian to explore further. 

We began our journey right outside my hotel. We walked about half a block before Master Wu pointed out that we were walking along an energy line where an ocean canal used to lay. I opened my hands and could feel the energy. Surprisingly, I could now sense a strong flow of energy that had been invisible to me the day before. It was as if a lens had been focused properly, and I started perceiving the energy of Tainan in a completely new way. This newfound sensitivity excited me, and Master Wu shared in my enthusiasm, encouraging this deeper connection with the city’s spiritual essence.

As we continued our walk, we passed by the old Confucius Academy, a site imbued with historical and cultural significance. Master Wu pointed out that another energy line from Jade Mountain, the highest peak in the Taiwanese mountain range, ran through this area. As we stepped into this energy line, I felt a surge of exhilaration, a palpable increase in the vibrancy around us. Master Wu explained that once you start seeing these energy lines, you can connect with them, tapping into their power and information. He likened it to beginning a conversation with the dragon’s meridian, where the flow of energy starts communicating with you, offering insights and strength.

Our journey then took us to a nearby fruit shop. Master Wu paused in front of it and explained that this seemingly ordinary place was actually a spot of significant power. He noted that people frequented this popular shop not just for the fresh fruit, but also because they unconsciously absorbed the good energy of the place while they were there. This energy contributed to their well-being, making the fruit store a subtle but powerful node in the network of Tainan’s spiritual energy lines. This revelation further deepened my understanding of how the city’s energy lines subtly influenced daily life, enriching the community with their presence.

Master Wu then guided us to the Koxinga Shrine, a major place of power in the city. This shrine is situated along the Jade Mountain dragon meridian, a powerful energy line that courses through the Taiwanese landscape. Koxinga, a revered historical figure, played a critical role in making Taiwan strong and independent from Dutch colonial rule. The shrine dedicated to him is imbued with his legacy and the potent energies of his spirit.

As we approached the shrine, we could distinctly feel the powerful energy emanating from the Jade Mountain dragon meridian. It was as if the very ground beneath our feet thrummed with a vibrant, dynamic force. Master Wu, Siyana, and I prepared to place the Rainbow Pearl, a crucial step in our mission to stabilize and enhance the dragon’s meridian.

Working together, we placed and activated the Rainbow Pearl at the shrine. The moment the pearl was placed, Master Wu closed his eyes in deep concentration and then smiled, affirming that he could feel Koxinga accepting the pearl’s presence. This acceptance was a significant and profound validation of our work, indicating that the energies were aligning as intended.

The activation of the Rainbow Pearl at the Koxinga Shrine has a multi-faceted impact. The pearl itself is a powerful symbol of unity and diversity, embodying all the enlightened blessings together as one. Its presence enhances the shrine’s energy, amplifying its ability to foster strength and independence. Furthermore, the Rainbow Pearl’s influence extends beyond the shrine, benefitting the entire nation by promoting harmony, balance, and the unification of energies. It helps to stabilize the local energy lines, ensuring that the positive forces of the dragon’s meridian flow smoothly and beneficially throughout Tainan and all of Taiwan, enriching the nation and fostering an environment conducive to peace and enlightenment.

Next, Master Wu led us nearby to the Kai-ji Lin Shuey Furen Ma Temple, another significant place of power along the Jade Mountain dragon meridian. This temple is dedicated to “the lady by the water,” a goddess revered by those seeking blessings for fertility and childbirth. The temple’s energy was particularly strong at the altar dedicated to Kuan Yin, situated behind the main altar of the goddess. Master Wu explained that in many temples, there is a “functional god” at the forefront, addressing everyday human concerns, while Kuan Yin, the greatest goddess in Taiwanese spirituality, is placed in the back to assist with spiritual advancement.

Master Wu elaborated on Kuan Yin’s role as a spiritual helper, guiding individuals towards enlightenment and inner peace. As we spent time at the Kuan Yin altar, a very psychic local woman named Amy, who was practicing at the temple, approached us. She remarked that she felt a strong, positive energy from our group and asked if she could join us. We welcomed her into our circle.

Master Wu, Siyana, and I prepared to place the Green Pearl. This pearl, offering resilience, eternal life, and nature’s balance, was particularly fitting for a temple associated with fertility and growth. With Master Wu’s guidance, we carefully placed and activated the Green Pearl within the temple. The presence of the Green Pearl amplified the temple’s natural energies, enhancing its role as a sanctuary for those seeking blessings for new life and spiritual growth.

The activation of the Green Pearl benefited the temple and the goddess in several ways. For the temple, it enhanced the natural harmony and balance of the Jade Mountain dragon meridian, promoting a serene and supportive environment for worshippers. For the goddess, the Green Pearl’s energies aligned perfectly with her role as a provider of fertility and growth, strengthening her ability to bless those who come to her seeking these gifts. Moreover, Kuan Yin’s spiritual presence was magnified, providing deeper spiritual guidance and support to the community and the nation.

By integrating the Green Pearl into the Kai-ji Lin Shuey Furen Ma Temple, we not only bolstered the temple’s spiritual power but also contributed to the overall balance and harmony of Tainan’s spiritual landscape. This act further solidified the city’s connection to the Jade Mountain dragon meridian, fostering an environment where both physical and spiritual growth could flourish.

Master Wu led us along what he called the main energetic pathway of the whole city. This journey took us through various significant sites, each brimming with spiritual energy. Finally, we arrived at the old city center, a roundabout that held a rich history and powerful energy. Here, Master Wu walked us past the temple dedicated to the Dragon King, a site of great spiritual importance, and continued to the old city hall. 

At the old city hall, Master Wu pointed out that an energy line from this spot connected directly to Japan. I felt a strong intuition that this line connected specifically to Kyoto, a city I had recently visited and felt a profound connection with. When I asked Master Wu if the line connected to Kyoto, he admitted that he didn’t know for sure because he hadn’t traced the energy line beyond Taiwan. However, he did agree that it connected to a significant power city in Japan, either Kyoto or Tokyo. My recent experiences in Kyoto reinforced my belief that this was the city in question.

During this walk, Siyana was in a highly elevated state. Each location we visited was familiar to her from her childhood, yet she was now seeing them through a new, enlightened perspective. Growing up along the dragon’s meridian line of Taiwan, Siyana realized the powerful karma of being born and raised in Tainan. She recognized her role in the world dharma, contributing to bringing peace to her country and spreading the enlightened teachings and dragon energy of Jade Mountain globally.

As we walked away from the roundabout, Master Wu said that from here, the energy is more spread out, no longer a line or meridian — but that the energy is less intense and more grounded. He walked us along ancient walking paths that had beautiful vibrations and energetic flows. 

Master Wu then took us to what he described as the heart of Tainan’s central chakra, an ordinary-looking elementary school. However, as we approached, it was clear that this place was far from ordinary. The two tall school buildings, the lotus pond, and the grassy play area leading up to the rooftop all radiated a profound sense of peace and balance. The schoolyard, with its soccer and basketball field lines, was a focal point of energy. Master Wu opened his arms wide and walked in small circles slowly, feeling the energy of the place. I joined him and immediately sensed a concentrated, elevated energy unlike anywhere else in Tainan. It felt as if the very ground was vibrating with spiritual power. Somehow it reminded me of the serene and powerful presence I felt at Panther Meadows on Mt. Shasta.

Then, with Master Wu, we activated the Blue Pearl. By placing the Blue Pearl there, we connected and stabilized the energies of the other pearls throughout Tainan. The Blue Pearl’s presence enhanced the spiritual and governmental significance of the location, creating a balanced and harmonious environment. This connection reinforced the influence of the Cloud Pearl, which had been linked to many prominent officials, thus integrating the energies of wisdom and leadership.

The activation of the Blue Pearl at Young Fu Elementary School not only amplified the peaceful and balanced energy of the central chakra but also strengthened the overall network of pearls in Tainan. This synergy helped stabilize and elevate the dragon’s energy, fostering an environment conducive to peace, enlightenment, and harmonious governance. The profound energy of this place now radiated outward, contributing to the broader goal of global harmony and spiritual advancement.

At this time, I felt a significant shift in the energy of the Asian Circle of power. I mentioned it to Siyana. She said that she could also feel it. Later, the 7 said that this was a significant moment on the world stage. I will describe more about this later.

For the last place of power for the day, Master Wu led us to the Shh In-ting Temple, a revered site known for its potent healing powers that alleviate spiritual afflictions. This temple, dedicated to Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, features a powerful statue of Kuan Yin and numerous statues of empowered divinities. These spirits, renowned for their mystical abilities and healing powers, work together harmoniously to assist those seeking spiritual relief and enlightenment.

At this sacred site, we placed and activated the Purple Pearl, which is associated with spiritual magic, mysticism, and the attainment of siddhis (spiritual powers). The presence of the Purple Pearl amplifies the temple’s existing energies, enhancing the magical and mystical qualities of Kuan Yin and the collective spirits who operate there. This synergy facilitates deeper spiritual cleansing and opens pathways to higher knowledge and spiritual abilities.

The activation of the Purple Pearl at Shh In-ting Temple significantly benefits Tainan and the world. For Tainan, it strengthens the temple’s role as a center of spiritual healing and mystical practice, creating a sanctuary where people can rejuvenate their spirits and receive divine guidance. The enhanced mystical energies foster an environment where individuals can attain siddhis, promoting personal and spiritual growth among its inhabitants.

Globally, the elevated energies from this temple radiate outward, contributing to the broader mission of spreading enlightenment and spiritual harmony. The Purple Pearl’s influence helps to purify and uplift the collective consciousness, fostering an environment where peace, equality, and enlightenment can flourish worldwide. It also enhances the global spiritual network by infusing it with magical and mystical energies, enabling more profound connections and the spread of spiritual wisdom.

As we walked back to my hotel, I took the opportunity to ask Master Wu if he had a school or foundation where he taught his knowledge of the dragon meridian. Master Wu replied with a gentle smile, explaining that he had to proceed with great humility in his work. He stressed that the powers of the dragon energy line were incredibly strong, and he was cautious not to let ego influence his actions. He acknowledged the immense responsibility that comes with handling such powerful energies and emphasized the importance of humility in his spiritual journey.

Master Wu admitted that he didn’t yet know what his ultimate purpose with the dragon meridian would be. However, he expressed confidence in our collaboration, believing that together we could achieve significant acts by harnessing the great powers of the dragon’s energy. His wisdom and knowledge would be crucial in guiding us through this work.

We agreed to stay in touch and share his insights and wisdom with Taoist Master Feng, recognizing the potential of this collaboration to further our mission of spreading peace, enlightenment, and harmony through the connection, stabilization, and enhancement of the Dragon’s Back energy line and the Dragon Meridian. This mutual commitment marked the beginning of a promising and spiritually enriching partnership.

Master Wu’s profound insights and our shared vision of utilizing these ancient energies to foster global peace and enlightenment marked the beginning of a deeply enlightening partnership. Our meeting was not just an exchange of ideas but a merging of spiritual paths aimed at harnessing the dragon’s meridian to bring about positive change in the world.

As we concluded our enlightening day with Master Wu, Siyana turned to him with deep gratitude and asked if there was anything we could do for him or offer him in return for his invaluable guidance and wisdom. Master Wu humbly responded that we were already doing so much for Taiwan through our work and that he could ask for no more. This acknowledgment was very touching. We shared a heartfelt moment, reflecting on the profound spiritual journey we had embarked on together and the mutual commitment to enhancing the dragon’s energy lines for the greater good. This moment of reflection solidified our bond and commitment to the shared mission of peace and enlightenment.

Positive Results From Our Work

In the evening, after our work with Master Wu, I got a text from an old student asking me how I was doing. I told him, “Things are incredibly amazing from my perspective. I feel like I’m going light speed…. or maybe I’m going warp speed! Let’s see what the results are. If the world becomes a brighter place, it’s light speed. But if the world ends up broken or warped, I guess it was warp speed. So let’s see if there are any positive results.”

In reflecting on this, I told Siyana, “I know with certainty from experience that I can take a person into the Anza Borrego desert, shift the place’s energy lines, open the place’s spiritual dimensions, and change the person’s life forever – bringing them from a life of limited possibilities and suffering to a life of empowerment and enlightenment. Enlightened artifacts and world-affecting work are new to me, but it just may be that these pearls and places can do the same sort of wonderful upliftment for the whole planet.”

The next day, I spoke with the Seven Siddhas. They said that our work was already having strong positive results.

They reported this:

Yesterday (Tuesday, June 11, 2024), a tense confrontation occurred between Chinese and Taiwanese aircraft. Chinese planes entered sensitive Taiwanese airspace, leading to an exchange of fire. Taiwan, feeling its airspace was violated, fired first. This aggressive encounter had the potential to escalate into a full-blown military conflict. However, the activation of the Dragon’s Meridian and its alignment with the Dragon’s Back played a critical role in diffusing the situation.

The Dragon’s Meridian had been largely activated through our work with Master Wu and the Dragon’s Garland. The 8 Dragon’s Garland pearls we had activated in Tainan aligned with the Dragon’s Back pearls we had activated in Xian. This alignment created a harmonious flow of energy, stabilizing and balancing the spiritual and political tensions between the two regions.

In Xian, the pearls were placed in significant power points that enhanced the Dragon’s Back, reinforcing its strength and stability. These pearls acted as anchors, grounding the energy and connecting it to Taiwan’s Dragon’s Meridian. In Tainan, the pearls were activated in key locations, including the Koxinga Shrine, the Kai-ji Lin Shuey Furen Ma Temple, the Guan Gung Temple, and the Shh In-ting Temple. Each pearl amplified the positive energy and mitigated the negative influences along the meridian.

When Chinese aircraft violated Taiwanese airspace, triggering a defensive response from Taiwan, the activated Dragon’s Meridian helped to absorb and neutralize the heightened negative energy. The Seven said, “This small skirmish would have triggered additional small military contacts. Eventually, the US would have sent forces and would have been involved in limited military battles with China for over 20 years.” So the harmonious energy flow between the two regions prevented the skirmish from escalating into a larger conflict. The spiritual stabilization provided by the pearls acted as a calming influence, reducing the aggression and facilitating a return to diplomatic channels.

The interconnected energy lines ensured that the skirmish remained an isolated incident, avoiding further military confrontations. Without the activation and alignment of these powerful energy lines, the situation could have escalated rapidly, potentially drawing in international forces and leading to prolonged conflict. The pearls’ influence thus played a pivotal role in maintaining peace and demonstrated the profound impact of spiritual energy on geopolitical stability.

Completion of the Dragon’s Garland Activation

The next day, Siyana and I traveled to the Guanziling Hot Spring, known as the Fire and Water Hot Spring. This remarkable site is located in the mountains just outside of Tainan at an altitude of 270 meters above sea level and is unique for its continuous release of methane, which has been burning constantly for around three centuries. The blending of fire and water in this hot spring creates a powerful and mystical environment.

Here, we placed the Moon Pearl. As we positioned and activated it, we felt a profound shift in energy. The Moon Pearl, known for its qualities of promoting advancement through mutual understanding, unity through acceptance, and global harmony by dissolving barriers, was perfectly suited for this location. The spring’s natural elements of fire and water harmonized with the pearl’s energy, enhancing its influence.

The placement of the Moon Pearl at Guanziling Hot Spring created a strong connection between the peak of the mountain and the pearls within the city. This alignment amplified the spiritual and energetic flow between these key locations. The Moon Pearl’s attributes of fostering unity and dissolving barriers were activated by the powerful natural energies of the hot spring, creating a harmonious and balanced environment.

This activation not only elevated peace and harmony for the city of Tainan but also extended its influence globally. The Moon Pearl’s energy helpes to dissolve negative energies and foster a sense of collective spirit and mutual understanding. This harmonious influence contributed to the overall energy of spreading peace and enlightenment, demonstrating how the integration of spiritual energies and natural powers can have a profound impact on both local and global scales.

Following our visit to the Guanziling Hot Spring, Siyana and I made our way to the Pond Dragon Temple, a location Master Wu recommended we go. Pond Dragon Temple was located on the dragon meridian at the foot of the mountains. This temple, steeped in spiritual power, is a crucial point on the dragon’s meridian, where the natural water elements are especially powerful.

There, we placed and activated the Water Pearl, known for its attributes of Wu Wei (right action), the flow of the Tao, and interconnectedness of all beings. This pearl symbolizes cooperation and collective well-being, making it an ideal complement to the temple’s strong water energies.

As we placed the Water Pearl at the Pond Dragon Temple, we immediately felt a profound shift in the atmosphere. Almost instantly, heavy rain began to pour, continuing for the next 24 hours. This deluge was a clear sign of the Water Pearl’s activation, harmonizing with the temple’s natural elements and enhancing its spiritual energy.

The heavy rain elevated a cleansing and rejuvenation of the area, reinforcing the dragon meridian’s flow and balancing the energies along this powerful line. The Water Pearl’s influence extended beyond the immediate vicinity, connection to the Dragon’s Back of China, contributing to the overall harmony and balance of the region, nation, and the Asian Circle of Power. It promoted a sense of unity and cooperation, dissolving barriers and encouraging a collective spirit among the inhabitants.

The activation of the Water Pearl at the Pond Dragon Temple not only brought immediate environmental benefits but also fostered a broader sense of peace and harmony. The enhanced flow of the dragon meridian through this critical point contributed to our mission of spreading enlightenment and unity, demonstrating how the integration of natural elements and spiritual practices can create powerful, positive transformations both locally and globally.

Our final destination on this profound journey was the Jade Emperor Temple, a sacred site dedicated to the Jade Emperor, who is revered as the ruler of all heavens in Taoist belief. This temple, known for its strong spiritual power, is a hub for Taoist divination, prayers, and purification rituals conducted by priests. It was teeming with spiritual activity, reflecting its significance as a place where many seek guidance and blessings. The Jade Emperor Temple stood as a testament to divine authority and cosmic order, making it the perfect place to place the final pearl in our mission—the White Pearl.

The White Pearl, which brings instant enlightenment and the actualization of enlightenment, was placed in the temple amidst the prayers and rituals. This pearl enhanced the temple’s role as a beacon of spiritual insight and purification, harmonizing its energies and amplifying its divine presence. The activation of the White Pearl at the Jade Emperor Temple brought a new level of spiritual clarity and enlightenment to the site, benefiting all who seek its blessings.


With the placement of the White Pearl, the configuration of the 12 pearls between Xian and Tainan was complete. This harmonious connection created a spiritually powerful link between China and Taiwan, facilitating the flow of positive energies along the dragon meridians of both countries. The alignment of these energies opened the Asian Circle of Power, strengthening the bond between the two nations.

This newly established flow between the dragon meridian of China and Taiwan is now poised to bring positive energy to the West, contributing to the end of wars and fostering global peace, harmony, and enlightenment. The integration of these spiritual energies ensures that the enlightened teachings and vibrations can spread worldwide, promoting a future of collective well-being and spiritual unity. The completion of this mission marks the beginning of a new era of global harmony.

Each pearl, from the Cloud Pearl at the Wind God Temple to the Moon Pearl at the Guanziling Hot Spring, and finally, the White Pearl at the Jade Emperor Temple, has played an important role in this intricate spiritual network. They have harmonized the dragon’s meridian, linking powerful sites of historical and spiritual significance, and channeling their energies into a cohesive force for global peace and enlightenment.

This journey has been a testament to the power of ancient wisdom and modern spirituality working in tandem. With the dragon energies now flowing together, there is a new potential for positive change in the world. The interconnected energy lines not only promise to stabilize regional tensions but also to influence global events, fostering an environment where peace, harmony, and enlightenment can thrive.

The work I have done, guided by the seeings of the Seven Siddhas, the vital insights of Master Feng and Master Wu, and with the collaborative efforts with spiritual contributors like Kenjin, Siyana and her mother, Joy, Gouxing, and Elva has demonstrated the profound impact of aligning spiritual energies. As these energies continue to flow and harmonize, we move closer to a world where the collective consciousness is uplifted, wars are ended, and a new era of global harmony and enlightenment begins. This is the legacy of China’s great Dragon spirit, Dragon energy — a powerful force for good, for peace, for harmony, and for enlightenment in the world.

A Fun Addition:

On the way to drive me to the airport, Siyana’s father stopped off at a friend’s house by the sea, where we had lunch with some of his old co-workers. They were a group of very jolly, positive fellows. The host, who had cooked a massive meal of local delicacies, heard Siyana’s father’s descriptions of our work in Tainan. Then he started to tell us about his spiritual experiences in meditation and while visiting spiritual temples. I recognized that he was a deeply spiritual being.

Siyana’s father said that people who are in need find themselves driving down this quiet road and find themselves showing up at his house and he helps them. Then her father said that when he drinks he starts speaking “alien language”. I was wondering if it could be light language. I didn’t have to wait long to find out, after a couple of glasses of scotch, sure enough, he started to speak light language. His light language was bright, spiritual, and happy. I was amazed to find such a kind being of a higher loka there!

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